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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  July 18, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we have a couple of pictures to show you. you will remember one week and a day ago, the bloomingdale neighborhood was inundated with rain and this is that neighborhood at rhode island and first street northwest and, once again today, more flooding and doppler indicated to us that there were 2, 2 1/2 inches of rain in that area from the thunderstorms and a flash flood warning is still up for the district until 7:00. then this picture, you can see the water bubbling up from perhaps a great grate or manhole cover. this is a low-lying area, we know that and have drainage issues there. i can't believe that in the span of a little over a week, they're having to deal with this again. now, look, i want to take you over to radar. the rain is winding down in the district and in the green areas, we have the flash flood warnings until 7:00 tonight. the strongest storm, though, has gotten over here across the bay and it's a severe thunderstorm warning for portions of, well, actually, they cancelled the severe thunderstorm warning. as you can see, heavy rain and a lot of lightning for queen ann and kent county,
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chestertown, you will get some of that and to sentinel radar. they will show you again the flash flood warnings. in the green area, it spotlights the exact areas that we're keeping an eye on and that is the district in columbia and prince georges county. the flash flood warning until 7:00, and that means the flooding is occurring. this is a doppler estimate of how much rain may have fallen and in the yellow areas from the district over to the beltway going to prince georges county. and going through the bloomingdale neighborhood. we are estimating 2.9 inches of rain and that is a doppler product. we'll have to wait and see if we get ground truth on it. i think the pictures might have to be the ground truth. and that, again, they're experiencing the flooding and otherwise, a storm on the eastern shore is producing hail as it moves to the east and this cooled off the area and look at the updrafts to see where the strongest activity is and that is on the eastern shore, diminishing storms across southern prince georges county and elsewhere and we hope to get through the rest of
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the night without too much activity. we can't take it out of the forecast yet. can you see we put the composite in motion here the last three hours. a lot of activity moving south out of pennsylvania and there is more to come, although the atmosphere here locally is starting to stabilize. so, much more on the forecast. not 101 degrees now and the temperatures are in the 80s and it takes a toll. we have had a number of reports of trees around the area again this afternoon, laura. we'll keep an eye on it for you. >> devastating. all right, sue palka, we'll talk to you more about this later. we're taking a live picture now. i want to show you the bay bridge. there is a serious backup. you see the backups so extensive and this is all due to the storm and if you're going to travel, wait a bit. there is, obviously, a serious situation here and to route 50
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going across the bay bridge and -- bridge and bring you more as we get it. it might be raining but this is not the kind of rain that will fix the nation's drought problems all over our area. farmers are warning of higher food prices because of the lack of rain and as tom fitzgerald reports, the concern today could be heard all the way from the white house to the farmhouse. >> reporter: as the sun beats down, john moore is trying to keep up on waters his crops. >> we're starting to get dry now. >> reporter: john works at leesburg's temple hall farm pack. it's not annoying livestock but threatening the crops and croak they rely on for water. >> we monitor that and can't stop the flow of the creek. we monitor and gate the corn folds and pumpkin fields. >> reporter: at the white house on tuesday, the secretary of agriculture warned that food prices could be impacted by the lack of rain. >> 61% of the landmass in the united states is being characterized as being impacted by this drought.
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>> reporter: this is a good example of what we're talking about here. they should be flat out green. instead, they're starting to turn yellow and brown and that is not that they haven't had rain out here, they have and just not the steady constant rain they need to keep the crops from looking like this. but other places have it much worse. in illinois, they are harvesting early to say what they can. >> and this is in july and august, an unusual year. >> reporter: in kansas, farmers are recycling water. >> we use all of the water available. >> reporter: and in arkansas, diesel prices, which water trucks use, are causing more pain. >> and -- [ no audio ]
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>> reporter: we had a summer of too many thunderstorms and not of rain n. leesburg, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. we now know the identity of the driver who was killed when a massive tree fell on his car in great falls. the 64-year-old was driving on georgetown pike last night when a 100-foot oak tree suddenly fell and crushed his car. the tree hit the driver's side and he was killed instantly. residents have expressed concern about the trees in the area saying that they do pose a danger. the news edge on maryland now. pepco might be closer to preventing massive power outages. the utility said that it's investigating the feasibility of burying its power lines in maryland. pepco's been under scrutiny since the surprise june storm knocked out power for more than half of the customers in d.c. and maryland.
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somehow, they were in the dark for a week as temperatures reached record highs. tomorrow, pepco leaders will breach the montgomery county council on what went right and wrong following the june 29th derecchio. the meeting will be at the beating on maryland avenue in rockdale and starts at 12 8:30 p.m. tomorrow and is open to the public. if you go, you can listen in but you won't be allowed to speak. the u.s. senate race in virginia is heath up. the candidates were recording votes in our area today. republican george allen appeared at a small business roundtable in alexandrea. he talked about the importance of empowering small businesses, saying they will help generate jobs and, in turn, improve the economy. democratic challenger tim kaine was campaigning in the same area touring small businesses in the mt. vernon area. he shared with business leaders his ideas on how to strengthen the economy and help small businesses grow. he wants to bring the commonwealth traditions of fiscal and political balance to
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washington. meantime, the political, the presidential race is heating up. a new new york times pole finds the vice presidential candidate is very important to voters. 74% of those surveyed a say running mate matters a lot or somewhat. at the same time, 25% said that it doesn't matter at all. and the survey comes as republican mitt romney is said to be close to announcing a running mate. less than an hour ago, the house judiciary committee approved a bill to ban abortions in the city after 20 weeks of pregnancy. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton joins us now to talk about the committee's action. thank you very much for being here. appreciate your presence, despite the weather that you had to get through to be with us. >> of course. >> i want to give our viewers more details about this bill. it doesn't include exceptions of rape, incest, or the help of the mother.
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and there is -- some abortions. can you give us more what is behind this? >> not only a fine but up to two years in prison for a health provider. what is behind this is a national campaign. and to march through the states, get states to attach bills that essentially attack roe versus wade, the sponsors and the pro-life sources don't have the cuts to put a national bill of that kind on the floor because it's a direct assault on roe versus wade that says that up until liability -- vability, the woman can have an abortion and after that, that is a matter for for and her physicians, and this bill tries to push beyond that. the bill is already under attack and the courts and it's sponsored by a representative of arizona who had to answer to
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the refusal to let me testify on a bill that only applies to the district of columbia because he didn't have a nerve. he dared not put a bill directly to her attack in roe versus wade on the floor and it was preon daned to go to the floor. and they have to tell their listeners about. if you had a provider at any point in your bill, that provider comes in to court to enjoin your right to have an abortion. so, however remote is the provider with the pediatrician, provider was a school nurse, that person has standing to come in to try to get the courts to deny your right to have an abortion that is guaranteed by roe versus wade and that is how often the bill has gone. >> and let me go back to something you said. you asked to testify before the committee today but you were turned down by the bill's
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author, republican congressman trent franks of arizona. we reachd out to his office and didn't get a response. this is a bipartisan tradition for you the community affected by this and to spoke out about this. why do you think they didn't allow you to speak? >> and it was not today. this was a markup. it was in the hearing and he said -- to speak and the democrats -- democrat his a witness and they were entitled to one witness. i asked as a matter of congressional courtesy to speak and he could have easily allowed me to come in. he is in response of the bill and particularly since the bill affections only my district. throughout the congress, and even today, the republicans are allowed the members to speak even when the district is not implicated as my district is. he didn't want me to speak. he didn't want to hear what i had to say about how this bill would affect my residents and
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what he did is to talk about their views on the bill and no signs indicating that at 20 weeks there is any reason to stom abortions, particularly after they can go on and up to even the third trimester. >> i think all viewers listening to this are curious how likely this could become law in the district? >> we believe that this bill will not get through the senate. it's even now being attacked a lawyerile -- similar bill in court and understand this, we're being used as puppets for an ideological purpose. we are reventful, even if it doesn't become law. it's abused democracy, abused congressional authority in order to use the district of
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columbia as if we were not a jurisdiction of 600,000 tax- paying residents. we're not going to let you do that without calling you out on it. >> always a pleasure, thank you for being with us tonight. >> of course, we'll be right back.  [ romney ] i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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. breaking news from northwest right now, the severe weather toppled a tree on to two homes. john henrehan is live on the scene at arcadia lane. john, what is happening there? >> reporter: it's arcadia place northwest. and the address is 3246 arcadia place. you can see -- you can't see the house because of vegetation but you can see the size of the tree. when that tree comes down during the sudden squall this afternoon, the home owner was home and a couple of workers, too. kara, can we get to you move forward a bit? >> uh-huh. >> what did you see and hear when that came in? >> didn't hear the wind go through, but, i did hear the tree come down on the roof and
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didn't even realize what happened and i had a curtain on the door and opened it. the tree was right there. >> did anyone get injuries? >> no, nobody. >> were you alone in the house? >> no, the painer -- . >> and no one was injured in. >> no, nobody. we were lucky. >> wow, how bad is the damage to the house? >> i don't think it's that bad. you know, a little water on the floor and a broken skylight and that can be prepared easily. >> reporter: before the interview began, she told me that arcadia place, you suffered from the derecch olympics. how long were you without power? >> at least six days. [ laughter ] >> and this tree took down the wires again. >> again. >> what do you think? >> well, i think it's about time where the wind is coming from and whoever -- they better hit another street. >> they could? >> we have had three. thankful nobody was hurt. >> and i am sorry. i'm glad. >> thank you very much. >> apparently, damage to the house was light and no one was injured. once again, a sudden storm, people tell me that the rain
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lasted only 20 to 30 minutes and there was a huge wind during the storm. and you are seeing what happened here in upper northwest. laura, back to you. >> we can learn from her attitude. she's got a wonderful attitude despite it all. we'll be right back with sue who continues to track the stormy weather. we'll be right back.
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. boy, you have had a busy afternoon, young lady. >> what a summer this has been. >> really. >> the first microburst damage started on june 2nd. the derecchio the 29th and they're fired up on steroids like they're in heat. 101 in the district and we have pictures of what happened earlier and not everyone saw the storms, but our photographer nelson jones is here at the prince georges beltway in new hampshire. lots of lightning and slow
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traffic on connecticut avenue. can you see the lightning coming on through and, of course, the heavy rain. i believe there is quite a bit of wind damage now as trees
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the estimate of what fell tonight. not everyone saw the storms and the heavy rain again from the district to prince georges county. almost exactly an estimate, but we have pictures from the bloomingdale neighborhood and we know the flooding occurred there again and that is at rhode island and first in northwest. heavy rain all the way to anne
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arundel county around the severna park area and we think you have some heavy rain as well and this is the storm we continue to watch, the last of the really strong storms on the easter shore and this yellow arrow showing us a little bit of rotation high in the storm and that is the kind of thing that is capable of produce -- producing the -- of producing the straight wind line damage. the still more activity to come, we'll see another round tomorrow and not as severe. the severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for our area until 9:00 tonight. i think the atmosphere has done a good job of getting stabilized and also, i wanted you to see that the cool front is going to be on the move tomorrow. very slowly and there is the possibility of another round of showers and tomorrows -- storms later and quickly before we go to the five-day forecast, just wanted to show you the high temperatures as they would pop up here. 101, not a record for d.c. but it was a record at dulles, 101; bwi marshal, 104 and breaking the record going back to 1887. the summer of 2012. what is up. all right, five-day forecast,
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how about some 80s for a change. we have a warm day tomorrow and not scorching hot like today, laura. maybe more showers and storms, possibly they won't be so severe, though. on friday, we have to keep them in the forecast los angeles and won't be as surprised if there were a few on saturday. that is because the front coming is a relief and is going to take a long time to clear the area. >> okay, an indication of more to come? >> and that could be more showers and storms. we need the rain. >> yeah. >> and we need it. >> right. >> maybe that will happen. >> all right, thank you, sue. >> sure. >> we'll be right back. hi parents, big year for spelling.
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contract, meaning they're all signed, sealed, and delivered and that is important. this is what rg3 tweeted after the signing. well, people, it's time to go to work off of the unemployment line and oh, yes, httr, i love the exclamation points and that means hail to the redskins. this could be an interesting september with rg. the nats could be staring at a play off berth the first time ever. when you win games like last night, it's hard not to believe. the bottom of the 9th, the nats trailing 3-2 and down to the final. danny espinosa was on the show last night, great karma and that scores
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>> they're called at the trade and they don't give up and they're lucky the situation is an opportunity. take that for granted. and i saw that last year and this, you know, the same this year. >> hockey news now, today the caps added a familiar face to the organization as they say in hockey, naming the former defenseman hanson as an assistant. he holds the caps franchise record for most games played with 983 over a 14-year and with the current caps, the head coach and the team reaches the final in 1998. this afternoon in vegas, the summer league action against the bucs. and we don't see this in summer
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league. injuries his ankle and didn't return to the game. that were down by 16 and off of the steal and the lay-up and in. 18 points. all five games. he's had double digits. terps fans, you won't like this. it's a form -- and randolph playing for the wizards. 11 points, wizards win again, and finishing 3-2 in summer league play. laura, just another slow sports day in the the district. back over to you. >> good to see that after all of the crazy weather we have had. thank you. and now you have the news edge. the news is always on keep it here. tmz on tv is next.
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